Support Our Troops

Go into the places only locals are familiar with. Visit little known hideouts and avenues that open the mind into what being a local is all about.

Donate To A Soldier

A care package is a ‘taste’ of home sent with lots of love. All care packages contain a letter or a card, a note of love and appreciation, and the box of items.

Fallen Heroes

This is a page to honor our fallen heroes of North Louisiana. Please always remember these families and to keep them in your prayers!

Welcome to Blue Star Mothers Ruston, Louisiana Chapter 5

  • President – Cynthy Bissell
  • Vice President – Sue King
  • Recording Secretary – Dawn Thomas
  • Financial Secretary – Carol Garcie
  • Treasurer – Angie Sanders
  • Historian – Linda Richardson, Sargent at Arms Sue King
  • Patriotic Instructor – Jennifer Martin 

I Am A Blue Star Mother

I am the mother of a United States Service Member. My child gave me this title. I will give him a heart full of wonder at his accomplishments and a voice that praises his desire to serve. I will place my faith in his military training and in God’s protection I will give him the prayers that will follow him where I cannot. I will be strong when I want to cry and brave when I want to cower. He will know that I am behind him every step of the way. Because I bear the title of Mother of a United States Service Member.

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