Blue Star Mothers
 of Louisiana
 Chapter 5


Things Our Soliders Need


Hero Box Wish List

 One of the most frequently asked questions is "What is a Care Package?"

A care package is a 'taste' of home sent with lots of love.  All care packages contain a letter or a card, a note of love and appreciation, and the box filled with many of the items listed below. Since most of the care packages are sent to the warriors on the front line; they eat what they can carry.

The following are items that we accept as donations that will get sent to our troops. Please note: no glass or jumbo sizes because they are too large/heavy to mail.


    Medicated powder

    Baby wipes

    Body wash and lotions


    Aspirin / Tylenol

    Dark and white socks



    Disposable razors / shave cream

    Personal hygiene products

    Shampoo and conditioners

    Hair brushes/picks, combs

    Nail files/clippers


    Current magazines

    Nerf toys/ balls

    Yo Yo's

    Puzzle books

    Water guns

    Small hand held games & batteries

    Jump ropes

    Dominoes or dice games

    Current DVDs

    Playing Cards


    Instant coffee / hot chocolate / marshmallows

    Powdered drink mixes / flavored creamers

    Chips and snacks in a can

    Beef jerky, slim jims

    Fruit cups / dried fruit

    Sandwich spreads or tuna in cans/foil

    Ramon noodles / cup of soups

    Dry cereal /pop tarts/granola & cereal bars

    Peanut butter crackers

    Pudding / jello cups

    Trail mix / peanuts

    Cracker Jacks


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