This is a page to honor our fallen heroes of North Louisiana.  Please always remember these families in your prayers!!


After the September 11 terrorist attack on American soil and impending War on the horizon, fear and sorrow entered the hearts of Blue Star Mothers.  Memories of the Vietnam War surfaced.  Determined to not let our Nation mar the sacrifice of the Warrior or the family left behind, the Blue to Gold program was borne out of honor, love and respect.

In military tradition, when a man or woman enters the Armed Forces of the United States of America, pledging to defend America with their life a Blue Star Banner may be displayed by their family.  The Red border of the Banner represents the blood shed by past Warriors in defending our Nation.

The field of White symbolizes the purity of  Spirit – the price of Peace that only a Warrior understands.

The Blue Star signifies loyalty, honor and duty entrusted in our Defenders.

If Fate causes the death of a defender, a smaller Gold Star for Valor and Sacrifice is placed over the Blue Star.  The border of Blue is a constant reminder the Warrior and family will always be remembered and honored by the brothers and sisters who lived to tell the tale.  We, the Blue Star Mothers stand beside our children in this legacy.